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Melissa k 4 years ago
I would give anything to be this woman I love his cock and I love the way his balls keep hitting her asshole
Pete 4 years ago
I found out my girl has a thing for older guys. Really weird. She has needs and I allow her to fulfill her desires as long as she doesn't flaunt in my face or fuck someone we both know.
Bill 4 years ago
Old man knows how to fuck her good
lucy 3 years ago
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3 years ago
I watched my ex let an older guy 'Ray' fuck her in our barn one night, we didnt want anyone to know we were in an open relationship, he filled her pussy more then once, He also didnt know we were having threesomes with his daughter. Thank god for birth control because while he filled her pussy full many times, I filled his daughters full as well.
Siri 3 years ago
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hes got a nice cock
Lisa 3 years ago
I’m 20yo and I’m still a virgin
Molly 4 years ago
I like fucking older men but not gross older men. He is a bit gross.
Green 4 years ago
Lovely Lolita Taylor with John. She actually seems really into him, awesome!